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Women Services

Women... we are strong, passionate and consummate care givers who often struggle to find life balance, especially with family and finances.

Do you have someone who truly listens to you and understands your uniqueness as a woman?

Vector Wealth Management, Inc. is here for this very purpose... to provide support and empowerment through our educational seminars and one-on-one consultations to assist you in making informed decisions based on your values as a woman.

Some common topics:

  • Social Security - Does it really matter when I file... YES!
  • Suddenly Single... What now?? Ask questions BEFORE making decisions... know all your options.
  • Will I outlive my money?  It's never too late to start planning, especially for the "What-If" scenarios!
  • Leaving a Legacy...children, grandchildren... how can I maintain some control... ask us how!

Please visit our website regularly for more information on seminars being offered through 2018... Social security planning, Long-Term Care, Finance 101, etc.

Call Teri today for a list of upcoming events... 916-573-2010.